4th of July Banner

4th of July Banner
4th of July Decor- Banner
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Who doesn't love a great decorative banner, especially for the 4th of July holiday! This is a fun and simple but very festive way to decorate the outside of your home for 4th of July and is so easy to make!  

Skill Level: Easy



Ties- you can use fabric for this


Sewing Machine (optional)


All you need to make this banner is several yards of inexpensive fabric of each color (red,white, and blue)- I usually go through the clearance rack where you can find fabric as low as a dollar a yard.  You can sew together each color if you want or just hang them seperately.  Make sure to measure the length of your fence and double the fabric length so you have enough to make a swoosh between each fence post and you will have a very festive looking house with little effort!