Fall Ball

Fall Ball
Halloween Craft Ideas - Fall Ball
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Easy Cheesy! This Fall Ball adds tremendously to the atmosphere to the fall home.  This project is start to finish within the hour.

Materials: Hot glue gun, Medium size Styrofoam Ball (about 18 ½ circumference), 18” of 7/8” wide Orange Ribbon.

Step 1: Take 18” of orange ribbon and bring the ends together at a 90 degree angle glue together then to the ball.

Step 2: For the 1st round of leaves take the lightest and surround the ribbon at the top of the ball. Try to cover the ball completely. Do not worry about holes that cannot be covered well. When you glue the leaves down only glue the body of the leaf and let the tips stick out.

Step 3: For the 2nd round take slightly darker leaves and glue around ball, again do try to not leave gaps but to not worry about them at this point of the project.

Step 4: For 3rd Round take your darkest leaves and Glue around the ball.

Step 5: Cover the bottom with the darkest leaves.

Step 6: Now it is time to worry about the holes. Take the left over leaves and according to the placement of the hole, take the same color of leaf and cut a piece off and cover that hole up.

Step 7: Hang the new fall décor up!


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