A Snowball Fight

A Snowball Fight
A Snowball Fight
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Create this cute winter pal with your mismatched children's gloves. Much like our Snow Folks, all you will need is gloves, wooden balls, and lots of imagination.

You will need

child's glove
cotton batting
11/4" diameter wooden ball
mismatched infant or child's sock
gold cord
small white pom poms
scrap material for scarf
silk florals (holiday sprigs, berries, flowers, pine, etc.)
tiny black plastic eyes or black acrylic paint
rosey lipstick
black marker

What you do

First, tuck the thumb inside the glove. Fill the glove with cotton batting, be sure to fill remaining four fingers without over stuffing. Cut a scrap piece of material for scarf and gently tie around the glove where the ribbing of the cuff meets the plain material of the glove (end of the cuff). (When tying scarf, point the scarf material toward the thumb area to cover the area where it was tucked inside. Fold down cuff to cover scarf and form a turtle neck. Hot glue on wooden ball to top of turned down cuff.

Glue on tiny plastic eyes or paint on with black acrylic paint. Use black marker for mouth. Gently dot on lipstick for cheeks by applying first to your finger and then dotting onto face. Glue a stem of holiday florals or greenery behind body on the side where thumb is tucked in. This will help to hide the tucked in thumb.

To make the hat, simply fit the cuff of the sock onto head and roll up the edge of the cuff to form the hat brim. Then trim the end of the sock off and fringe with scissors. Add a small amount of cotton batting inside hat and tie off with gold cord.

Using the first and fourth finger of the glove, pull them to the front of the body and glue together with hot glue, hold in place until secure. Add a pile of white pom poms for snowballs, one at a time, gluing each one in place.


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