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Memorial Day and the 4th of July are always a big celebration in our home and I am always trying to find ways to decorate using things I have on hand. One of our favorite traditions is having a big Memorial Day breakfast and painting flags from old barnwood or fencewood, or any wood we have on hand, and giving them away to Veterans and Military families in our Community. Here is one of my favorite flags we have made and some simple instructions on how to make it for your Holiday decor or tradition.

Difficulty: Easy


Beadboard, cut to size (16x20)

Craft paint- Blue, White, and Red


Wood Stain


1. Cut Beadboard to size of flag you want- mine measures 16x20"

2. Use a ruler and pencil to draw the square where the blue of the flag and the star belong, This makes it easier to know where your stripes start and end too.

3. Paint this square blue first before paint your stripes so it has time to dry so you can paint your star. 

4.  While the blue paint is drying you can start painting your stripes- I used 2 lines for each color red and white.

5. Next, trace the star on on your blue square. I made my star from a stencil but you can print off a picture of a star from your computer and trace around that or go buy a stencil, whatever you prefer for this step.
I carefully painted the stars white. I would strongly suggest using a small brush or stencil brush to paint on the white star. 


6. Once the paint had all dried- sand down with sandpaper, especially the sides and edges. That way when you stain them they become darker and give a great Antique look.   Next, take wood stain and wipe it on the flag to give it an antique look to it using a big foam brush lightly dipped into a walnut wood stain then brushed on the corners and sides of the flag.
Hint: QUICKLY wipe off the stain with a close nit piece of fabric... the longer the stain is on the wood, the darker the stain stays. You just want an antique look not a burnt look.


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Jenny Newman is a devoted wife and mother who enjoys creating new projects, patterns, and activities and crafting meaningful home-made treasures.  Her signature crafting style is simple, affordable and fun!  We hope you enjoy Jenny's crafts and patterns as much as we do.