Ask Your Mummy Treat Holder

Ask Your Mummy Treat Holder
Ask Your Mummy Treat Holder
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This is a really fun way to ration the sweets on Halloween. Make this simple mummy treat holder out of an empty potato chip canister and label it so that kids will have to "ask their mummy" before taking any candy!

You will need

Empty cylindrical potato chip container (Oatmeal containers work great too)
White, black, orange and purple construction paper
White craft glue
2 wiggle eyes
Glue stick

What you do

Cover cylinder with a sheet of white construction paper using white craft glue.

Tear a square of black construction paper for the face and glue two wiggle eyes to it. Glue the eye area to the front of the cylinder.

Tear another sheet of white construction paper into strips. Cover strips with glue stick and wrap around the cylinder, overlapping layers.

Write the words "Ask Your Mummy First!" onto the orange paper. Cut out the sign and use glue stick to attach it to purple paper. Trim the purple paper into a frame for the orange paper. Glue the sign to the front of the can.

Take two smaller pieces of torn white paper and glue them to either side of the sign, these are the mummy's hands.

Fill with wrapped candy your kids collected trick-or-treating and replace the lid.


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