Baby Beaded Socks

Baby Beaded Socks

Add some cute bling to your baby or toddler socks with this super easy beaded crochet socks pattern. These socks are not only cute but have been known to entertain babies and toddlers for hours - a huge plus in my book! Not only do these socks look adorable peeking out of baby boots, but they'll accessorize any baby or toddler outfit perfectly. You can even use this technique for older kids' socks too!

You'll enjoy creating darling embellished socks for your little ones and only your imagination will limit what you can do with this fun crochet craft idea!

Skill Level: Easy to Intermediate

- Pre-washed cotton socks with ribbed cuffs- make sure you pre-wash your socks to avoid shrinkage
- Size 10 Cotton Crochet thread - size 6 Crochet Hook,
- Beads- if you want them to dangle more use tri-beads, scissors


Before starting - string about a hundred beads onto the crochet thread. This will be more than plenty but it is better to have extra to pull off or use on the next sock than to run out.

Row One:
Fold the right side of the sock down to make sure the crocheting is on the right side. Begin by crocheting a single crochet into the rib.  It should be ¼ inch down.  The tip of the hook should go through with a little push. Try and keep each stitch at a consistent ¼ inch. Chain one and single crochet again into the same rib. *Chain two. Single crochet in the next sock rib. Chain two. Repeat from * all the way around the socks edge. Finish off the base row with a slip stitch in the first ribs chain one.

Row Two:
*Slip stitch in chain two space. Chain two. Pull up one of the tri-beads and hold it in place with a single crochet. Chain two. Pull up one tri-bead and hold it in place with a single crochet. Slip stitch into the same space. Chain one. Repeat from * all around the sock. End with a slip stitch into the first slip stitch. Cut the thread and weave in the end.  Repeat the same process on the second sock.


Baby Beaded Sock