Baby Food Jar Christmas Tree

Baby Food Jar Christmas Tree
Baby Food Jar Christmas Tree
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This is a tried and true project that has been made over the years by many moms and grandmoms. A great way to recycle those baby food jars, this pretty glass jar Christmas tree is a great project for this holiday season.

You will need

17 Glass Baby Food Jars
Gorilla Glue Epoxy
12" x 4" Wood base (Any wood base will work)
Assorted Garland
Strand of 35 miniature Christmas lights
Assorted miniature Christmas decorations
String of bead garland
3" wide ribbon
Bow for top of tree
Awl and hammer

What you do

Begin by punching holes in each of the lids using your awl and hammer.  The hole needs to be big enough to push your miniature lights through.

Choose what color of garland you would like to put inside the jars and cut about 2" pieces to add to the jar.  Remember that there are so many options here.  All silver garland with blue lights is awesome, so is gold with white lights.  I used silver garland and red stars garland and multi-colored lights.  The possibilities here are endless.  Just remember not to fill up the jar entirely.  You want to be able to see the lights.

The next step is putting the lids on all the jars and then using the epoxy to glue the jars into a tree shape as below.


It is important here to use epoxy or glass glue.  Not hot glue.  You see one of the properties of hot glue is that when it gets hot, it melts.  Plug in that sucker when it is glued together with hot glue and I'm betting that within a half hour, you have a floor full of baby food jars.  Ask me how I know...

Once the glue has set, you can push the miniature lights into the holes in the lids.  Then stand it up on your base and use the epoxy to glue it down.  Let it dry well before you go to the next step.

Cut your wide ribbon long enough to cover all the sides of the tree and glue it on with gorilla glue, pushing it into the crevices between the jars.


Take your beaded garland and glue it on the front in a garland-like fashion. Take your miniature Christmas decorations and glue them around the bottom of the tree.

Finally, add a bow to the top and light it up!


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