Banana Covers

Banana Covers
Free Knit Pattern - Banana Covers
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  Cute Idea! Easy and Fun. This banana cover is not only cute but will help to keep those bruises away unless you sit on it. Great for the kids lunch boxes!


Materials: Yarn – I love this Cotton: Ivory and Pistache, 5 mm sock knitting needles.


Banana Cover - Ivory

Cast on 12 sts – split evenly onto three needles - Working in spiral fashion.

Rnd 1-2: K12

Rnd 3: * K1, Inc, rep from * around

Rnd 4-5: K12 CC to Pistache

Rnd 6-10: K12

CC to Ivory

Rnd 11-15: K12

CC to Pistache

Rnd 16-20: K12

CC to Ivory

Rnd 21-25: K12

CC to Pistache

Rnd 26-30: k12

CC to Ivory

Rnd 31-35: K12

CC to Pistache

Rnd 36-40: K12

CC to Ivory

Rnd 41-45: K12 (ow 45 turn work, no longer working in spiral fashion)

CC to Pistache

Row 46:  P12, Turn wk.

Row 47: K12, turn wk.

Row 48: * K, yo, k2tog, rep from * across, turn wk.

Row 49: P12, turn wk.

Row 50: K 12, turn wk.

Cast off.


With Size H crochet hook:

Make a chain that measures 20” long, tie off and weave in and out of the hole made in row 48. Now you can pull closed around you banana.


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