Beaded Faberge Egg Ornaments

Beaded Faberge Egg Ornaments
Beaded Faberge Egg Ornaments
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I wanted to come up with something original for an ornament club I'm in, thus the idea of Faberge eggs. I wanted to make something fabulous on a dollar store budget. So with a bunch of seed beads, ribbon and acrylic paint, I came up with these.

You will need

Chicken Eggs
Narrow Gold Ribbon
Narrow Blue Ribbon
Seed Beads
Hot Glue
Aleene's Tacky Glue
1/2" Gold Ribbon

Note: You can blow the eggs the old fashioned way by poking a hole in both ends, sticking a toothpick in to scramble up the yolk, then blowing them out, or you can purchase an egg blower (we recommend Blas-Fix) for around $9.00. The designer purchased hers at All Things Ukrainian.

Now that we have the eggs prepared, set up your workstation. Because eggs have a bad habit of rolling around, I use a small muffin tin to sit them in while I am working with them. This makes a great drying station.


Take your narrow ribbon and glue onto your egg using the hot glue. Wrap around the egg lengthwise to mark off four equal sections and then once around the middle. You will end up with eight sections.


Now use a pencil and make a design. Any design will do. I did find that the less elaborate designs seem prettier. But that is just me. I made each of my sections a repetitive design, but there is no law that says you have to.


Now, using the tacky glue and a toothpick, add glue to the section where you would like to apply a certain color bead.


Then holding the egg over a bowl to catch loose beads, shake your beads over the section of glue to coat.


Tap off the excess beads and carefully push any beads that stray into the proper position. Repeat for other sections of the egg.



You will probably want to work on more than one egg at a time, allowing the glue to dry before moving onto other colors.

Once the eggs are fully beaded, add a bow to the top. I just wrapped ribbon around my fingers until it looked like a pretty bow and then hot glued it on. Nothing too fancy.

You will find that the eggs are much less breakable with the addition of all that glue and beads. And they sure look pretty on the tree.


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