Body Scrubber

Body Scrubber
Knitting Pattern
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Our new pattern for creating your own body scrubber is a must-make!  Knit this handy little pattern up in any color for any occasion! (This would make a lovely Mother's Day gift or stocking stuffer!)  Just place your favorite soap inside and scrub yourself super clean! You will love this one. Easy clean up: just throw it in the wash.

Difficulty: Easy

Materials: Sugar N Cream yarn of any color you wish, Size 5.5 knitting needles, and Darning needle.


K = Knit

P= purl

Cable 4 = put two sts onto cable needle and hold in front of work, K 2, then work K2 off of cable needle.



Cast on 18 sts

Row 1: K across

Row 2(and all even rows): P across

Row 3: K7, Cable 4, K7

Row 5: K across

Rep Rows 1-6: 14 times

Rep Row 1 and 2

Cast off



Fold Strip into 3rds with the ends overlapping by an inch


Take a darning needle and sew up the sides.

Place the soap inside and Scrub away!


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Esther Leavitt is a pattern designer and craft editor for  About herself she says "Crafts are a way for me to unwind but at the same time keep my hands busy so I don't go crazy."  She is also the owner and proprietor of Crafts by Starlight