Bright Star Photo Frame

Bright Star Photo Frame
Christmas Craft - Bright Star Photo Frame
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Materials needed:

1.     Plain sheet of paper for tracing

2.     Cardboard sheet of preferred colour (bright colours like red, orange, blue, green)

3.     Glittering powder (either golden colour or silver colour)

4.     A photo of your loved one or yours

5.     Glue

6.     Marker pen, scissor, punching machine



Craft Procedure:

Christmas is the time for celebrations. We enjoy the time decorating our place, spending with our loved ones, in prayers and food.  Especially for the kids, it is the growing years with fun where the memories can be carried over the life time. Kids enjoy in all these activities but they like to spend time decorating their place with bright creative ideas. For them, it is also the right time learning the culture and understanding why each and every ceremony and ritual is done. It will give a sense of satisfaction each year along with learning something and sharing it on the way. It gives them pride of creating something their own.


Step 1: Take a plain sheet of paper and place it on the smooth surface. Draw a star with 6 edges as shown in the picture. Cut the plain paper on the outline and make it a paper which is in the shape of a star.

Step 2: Place this plain paper on the cardboard sheet and draw the outline. Use the scissor, cut the cardboard sheet on the outline drawn and transfer the cardboard sheet in the shape of a star.

Step 3: Place the cardboard sheet on the reverse side and place the photo. Draw the outline of the photo and using the scissor, cut the middle of the cardboard sheet to fix the photo.

Step 4: Remove the middle portion of the star and place the photo and using glue, paste it to the rim of the middle portion so that the photo remains in the middle of the star

Step 5: Apply a coat of the glue on the rim and scatter the glitter powder to form the boundary between the star and the photo.

Step 6: Using the marker pen, draw some creative designs on all the sides of the star and scatter the remaining glittering powder on those designs.

Step 7: Finally using the punching machine make a hole on the top most corner of the star and connect it with thread so that the craft can be hung on the door way or in any other place as preferred.