Burlap Vase

Burlap Vase
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Create a burlap vase with our free tutorial!

This cute burlap vase can be made in minutes using a Mason Jar and Burlap. This is a great way to add some texture to your room and a delightful alternative to the popular painted Mason Jars - another fun and creative way to bring the outside in for Fall and Winter!

This is also a nice project for adding some simple charm to a rustic themed room or cottage decor.

Skill Level: Easy

Mason Jar or jam jar
Burlap Bag or Wine Bag


To start this project you will want to cut some flowers, branches or other elements you will use in your vase, and set aside. When you cut them make sure items are taller than the jar you have picked out.

Next, place your mason jar in your burlap bag. You can also make your own bag by sewing two pieces of burlap together. I purchased my premade bag from Michael’s on the postThanksgiving sale last year, but you can find them at most craft stores around the holidays.

Last, Cut some Jute and tie a bow around the opening of the vase. Add your flowers or branches and your burlap vase is ready to display!


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