Button Bauble Ornaments

Button Bauble Ornaments
Button Bauble Ornaments
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This is such a fun project to do with kids, just make sure you hide your ‘best’ buttons before you let them loose on your stash!

You will need

Polystyrene Balls
A selection of colorful buttons
Eye hooks/or screws
Ribbon (to hang)
Double sided tape

Pva glue /or Diamond Glaze

Step 1 – Prepare the ball
Cover your polystyrene ball with double-sided tape, working from top to bottom around the ball to keep it as flat as possible. (It’s probably best to prepare this beforehand, as it could get very fiddly and sticky!)


Step 2 – Prepare the hanger
Cover your eye hook with yarn to hide the metal (or if you don’t have an eye hook simply use a screw to attach the ribbon to) and screw into the polystyrene ball.

Step 3 – Get busy with buttons!
Select your buttons depending on your tree colour choice, or just go multicoloured like my little helpers did! Now have fun sticking your buttons to the ball.

*note – work round the ball keeping the buttons close together (best to have some tiny buttons to hand to fill any gaps at the end!)

Step 4 - Optional... get out the glitter and glue!
Yep, the kids love it! To give your bauble a bit more sparkle, mix some glue & glitter and start painting!

Fill any gaps between buttons with glue then sprinkle over some glitter. Then use your mixed glue & glitter to lightly cover the buttons.

note - Diamond Glaze works well as it gives a lovely high gloss finish, but a mix of pva glue with glitter will give a similar effect.


Step 5 – Attach the ribbon and hang!


About The Author

Sam Gillespie lives in the United Kingdom and blogs at incy wincy stitches. This project reprinted with permission.