Candy Corn Basket

Candy Corn Basket
Halloween Crafts - Candy Corn Basket
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This cute little basket is a great Halloween craft for kids. Make this cute basket and fill it with pretend candy corn like we did, or fill it with the real deal for a sweet treat!

You will need

Construction paper: yellow, orange, white and green
Glue stick

What you do

Cut out the main pattern, but do not cut the lines inside the pattern yet. With the full pattern in tact, trace the shape onto a piece of yellow construction paper.


Cut the outer section off the pattern and trace the reduced pattern onto the orange construction paper.

step 2

Cut the middle section off, leaving just the small center piece. Trace that small piece onto white construction paper.

step 3

Cut out the orange, yellow and white pieces. Lay the orange on top of the yellow and the white on top of the orange, just like the original pattern. Glue them all together using glue stick.

step 4

Wrap into a cone shape, overlapping and securing with tape.

step 5

Cut a strip from the remaining white construction paper. Use tape to attach the strip as a handle to your cone shape.

step 6

from the scraps of paper, cut out 5 or 6 yellow triangles. Cut strips of orange paper and white paper. use glue stick to attach the orange strips across the center of the yellow triangle, then attach white to the top, covering the triangle's tip.

step 7

Turn one of the triangles over and trim the excess off.

step 8

Fold green construction paper in half lengthwise, then in half again lengthwise. Use scissors to trim thin strips of folded construction paper to make your own "grass". Scrunch the grass in your hands then fill basket and place paper candy corns in the basket.

step 9


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