Cardboard Tube Christmas Tree

Cardboard Tube Christmas Tree
Cardboard Tube Christmas Tree
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This glittery Christmas tree is made entirely from recycled cardboard tubes! Be sure to save yours so you too can make this pretty project.

What you need
Paper Towel tube
Toilet paper rolls, you will need many
Green spray paint
Hot glue gun
Elmer's or tacky glue
Glitter (irredescent or any color you want)
What you do
Spread out newspaper to cover a wide area. Spray the paper towel tube and the 1" strips from toilet rolls with green spray paint.

Flatten out the toilet paper rolls, and cut in 1" intervals, then cut strips. Starting at the top of the paper towel tube, make rows with hot glue. Go under each row about 1/2 from previous row, till you get to the bottom. Wait until the glue sets.

Spread with plain Elmer's or tacky glue, sprinkle irredescent glitter.


About The Author

This project was contributed by Michelle Moons.