Cardboard Tube Poinsettia Ornament

Cardboard Tube Poinsettia Ornament
Cardboard Tube Poinsettia Ornament
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Who would ever have guessed that this pretty poinsettia flower ornament is made from recycled cardboard tubes! Make this lovely ornament and hang it on your tree, or make several for a festive garland.

You will need

  • 1 cardboard paper towel tube
  • Red acrylic paint
  • Red glitter paint
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Green glitter paint
  • Waxed paper
  • Gold glitter glue
  • Green ribbon

What you do

Paint paper towel roll with red paint (or use two toilet tubes) and let dry. Paint over the red paint with red glitter paint and let dry.


When dry, cut the tube(s) into 3/4" strips.


Squeeze both ends of each strip to crimp and open up the center to create the red leaves (Poinsettias have red leaves and tiny yellow flowers in the center).


Hot glue 7 red leaves together to form the main section of the poinsettia.


From the remaining red leaves, fold some of them in half then open up the ends to create a double leaf.


Glue 4 of those together to form the center of the poinsettia.


Paint a square of green glitter glue onto the waxed paper. let dry completely.


Cut out the glitter paint and cut into small leaf shapes. Cut a small square from the remaining glitter painted waxed paper and glue the leaves to it, creating a flower shape.


Hot glue the smaller poinsettia to the center of the larger poinsettia. Glue the green glitter leaves to the center of that.


Use gold glitter glue to add gold dots in the center of the green leaves for the flowers. Tie on a ribbon hanger.





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