Chalk Board Countdown

Chalk Board Countdown
Chalk Board Countdown - Free Craft Idea
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This is a fun way for the kiddos to keep track of how many days till Christmas morning and is so easy to make!  With a tiny bit of elbow grease, some chalk board paint, and a few can make a simple, whimsical chalk board countdown. This same concept can be applied to just about anything you want to count down to: birthdays, other holidays, pregnancy due dates, anniversaries, etc. 

Difficulty: Easy


Picture frame

Craft Paint/ Paint pen

Paint Brush


Craft embellishments

Chalk Board Paint



1. For this craft you can use any ordinary picture frame size you have on hand- this one is an 8x10 but any size will do. I painted my frame white to make it more Christmasy, but that is optional.

chalk board 1

2. Next, remove glass and paint with chalkboard paint- I prefer the kind you roll on but they do sell it in a spray. Let dry.

chalk board 2

3. Place chalkboard glass back in frame and with a white paint pen write "Days till Christmas"- glue any embellishments to frame and have fun counting!


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Jenny Newman is a devoted wife and mother who enjoys creating new projects, patterns, and activities and crafting meaningful home-made treasures.  Her signature crafting style is simple, affordable and fun!  We hope you enjoy Jenny's crafts and patterns as much as we do.