Checkered Afghan

Checkered Afghan
Checkered Afghan

This pattern will take 16 ounces of color A, 8 ounces each of colors B and C and number 10 standard knitting needles either circular or 14 inch length.

Gauge: 11 stitches equal 2 inches 13 rows equal 2 inches

Pattern Stitch:

Row 1: With A, *k 2, sl 1 as to p, k2, repeat from *.

Row 2: With A, p.

Row 3: With color B or C, * sl 1 as to p, k 2, repeat from *.

Row 4: With color B or C, p.

Repeat these 4 rows 7 times, end square by repeating Rows 1 and 2 of pattern with A.

These 34 rows make one square.

Each strip is made of 10 squares.

Strip 1: With A, cast on 27 sts.

1st square: K all 34 rows in A.

2nd square: Following pattern st, and using B, work second square.

NOTE: Each square should begin and end with pattern rows 1 and 2 in color A.

3rd square: K entirely with A (34 rows).

4th square: Same as 2nd square, but use color C.

5th square: (and all odd numbered squares) K entirely with A.

6th, 8th and 10th squares: K as for 2nd and 4th squares, alternating B and C yarn for the squares. Bind off at end of 10th square.

Strip 2, etc. Work as for first strip, alternating colors to follow diagram.. Make 8 strips.

Finishing: With fingering yarn, in color A, sew strips together with a flat seam, using back stitch. Press seams open, steaming lightly. Press edges. To keep edges from curling, work two rows of single crochet around edge. Finish by making fringe across short ends of afghan. Block.