Chenille Stem Angel Finger Puppet

Chenille Stem Angel Finger Puppet
Chenille Stem Angel Finger Puppet
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Make several of these cute little angel crafts and have a puppet show while you are waiting for Christmas dinner! These are easy to make and you can use whatever color chenille you like.

What you need

2 white chenille stems
3" piece gold chenille stem
1 medium pom pom
white craft glue

What you do

Wrap one of the chenille stems around your finger until the entire thing is a coil. Remove from your finger and secure the ends by twisting them around the chenille nearest to it. Spread the coil out a little at the bottom and make it tighter at the top, the idea is to make a cone shape.

Glue the pom pom to the small end of the cone.

Take the second piece of white chenille and bend it in half. Then manipulate the ends to form simple wings and put some glue in the center. Lay the angel cone onto the wings and press into the glue.

Bend the gold chenille into a halo and glue to the back of the pom pom. Let everything dry.


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