Chocolate Box Thank You Cards

Chocolate Box Thank You Cards
Chocolate Box Thank You Cards
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These cute little thank you cards look just like a box of chocolates! This is an easy project that is perfect for teachers or other gift recipients to send that little thank you note.

What you need

  • red cardstock
  • White ribbon
  • scissors
  • glue stick

What you do

Fold cardstock in half to create a greeting card.


Cut a heart shape from the card, leaving one side of the heart at the fold.


Run a line of glue diagonally across the heart.


Lay the ribbon flat across the glue stick line and press into place.


Trim the ends of the ribbon. Use glue stick to fold over the remaining ends of the ribbon to the inside of the card.


Tie a bow from ribbon and use white craft glue to attach it to the ribbon on the front of the card.


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