Chocolate Squares Throw

Chocolate Squares Throw
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This cute Chocolate Squares throw is a fun way to add some color to any room and makes a great lap blanket when its time to relax!


"Red Heart"  Worsted Weight Yarn
32 oz Brown
32 oz Pink 
39 oz Brown or any coordinating color

Hook  I


With Pink, make 58 (4 Round) Solid Granny Squares.
With Brown, make 59 (4 Round) Solid Granny Squares.
With Matching Brown, crochet Round 5 on all 117 squares.
Join all squares together using a slip stitch and Brown, creating a 9 square by 13 square solid piece of work.

Border Rows 1-3:  Use Brown
Border Rows 4-6:  Use Pink
Border Rows 7-9:  Use Brown
Border Row 10:  Use Pink

Finish off and weave in the tail of the yarn.

Finished Measurements:  68" x 94"


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