Christmas Candy Jar

Christmas Candy Jar
Christmas Candy Jar - Free Craft Idea
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This is a great craft for Christmas time and is so easy, even the kids will have fun making and filling it with candy.  This fun and decorative candy jar comes together simply and easily.  This will make a great accent piece in your home or as a thoughtful hand-made gift for a special friend.  It's a wonderful, whimsical project for the Holiday season, or any time of year.  With a little bit of paint, pots, and glue the possibilities are endless this Holiday season!

Difficulty: Easy

candy jar 2


Terra Cotta Pot and lid

Wooden knob

Small fish bowl- craft store

Craft paint

Foam brush

Permanent glue/ hot glue


candy jar


1. Paint pot, lid, and knob. Make sure to paint entire outside of pot and bottom and set aside to dry

2. Once pot and lid are dry it is time to assemble. Use hot glue or permanent glue on bottom side of pot and attach glass bowl. Glue knob to top of lid and tie the ribbon around the entire pot- cut and glue. Enjoy!


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