Christmas Clothespin Angels

Christmas Clothespin Angels
Christmas Clothespin Angels
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I know there are a lot of clothespin angels out there, but this is an easy version that your kids can make. I think they look great on the Christmas tree.

What you need

Wooden doll clothespin
Silver paint
Red and black fine point markers
White felt
Pinking shears
Wool roving or cotton batting
Gold thread
Gold silk flower
Silver chenille stems
White craft glue

What you do

Paint the ends of the clothespin silver. These are the feet of the angel. Let dry.

Using fine markers, we use microns, draw a face on your clothespin. Just a simple 2 dots for eyes and a smile.

Cut a piece of felt about 2 3/4" by 2 1/2". I cut the bottom of the dress with pinking shears for a decorative edge.


Apply some tacky glue to the clothespin where the dress will go.

Wrap the felt around, get the top corners to overlap slightly. This will give your dress a triangular shape. It may be open a bit in the back but that's OK ...after all it's the back.

Cut a piece of ribbon for the arms, about 3 inches long. I used an iridescent one which is not very visible in the photos.

Put some glue in the back of the angel at the top of the felt, put the ribbon into position.

Put a bead of glue on the ribbon ends and then glue to dress angling down like a pair of arms.


Put glue on the back and top of the head. Add wool roving or stuffing for hair. Don't fuss too much with it, you can thin it out after the glue dries. If you do it now you just end up with fuzz all over your fingers.

Cut a pipe cleaner about 3 inches long and form a ring.

Put some glue on it and place the halo on top of the head.


Glue on some sequins to the dress for some extra sparkle.

Take your flower apart and cut off two petals. If they have a plastic spine leave it on, it helps the wings hold their shape. Glue the wings into place.


Add a hanger. I just threaded a needle with gold thread and passed it thru the felt dress at the back. Tie into a loop.



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