Christmas Tree Pillow

Christmas Tree Pillow
Christmas Tree Pillow
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I received some lovely corduroy from a friend. This fun project made great use of the leftover corduroy fabric, but you could use any fabric of your choice.

What you need

red, green, and brown fabric, we used corduroy
various buttons
Cotton batting or a pillow form
Click here for patterns

What you do

Using the pattern as a guide, cut the pieces out of the fabric. If using corduroy, be prepared for a mess since it sheds and frays easily. I kept my lint roller on stand-by.


Pin the pieces in place on the pillow fabric and, since corduroy does shed, used a satin stitch in matching thread to attach to the fabric. If I was using a non-fraying fabric, I probably would've used a blind or blanket stitch by hand.


Once all the pieces were attached, I sewed on some buttons I had laying around as ornaments. Sew the front and back sides of the pillow with wrong sides together, turn, stuff, and finish.


About The Author

Helen blogs about cute crafty projects over at Helby's Hatch This project was reprinted with permission.