Circle Head Band

Circle Head Band
Circle Head Band - Crochet Pattern
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This is a fun and whimsical headband! It's simple, quick, and easy to crochet! You will love wearing this or making one for a friend or little girl. Make it for Easter or spring as a pretty accent hairpiece.


Difficulty: Easy

Materials: Size g hook, Spa Yarn – Naturally and Berry Frappe, and a button of your choosing.

CH = Chain

SL = Slip Stitch

SC = Single Crochet

CC = Change Color

SP(S) = Space(s)

SK = Skip



Base: Ch 90

Row 1 (Berry Frappe): * SK 2 sps, 7 DC in next sp, SK 2 sps, SL, Rep from * across except SC 2 in the last sp to turn the corner.

Row 2: (working on backside of base CH) *SK 1 sps, 7 DC in next sp, SK 2 sps, SL, rep from * across, CC to Naturally and CH 1, turn.

Row 3: * 3 SC, 2 SC in next sp, 4 SC, Rep from * around entire perimeter of the headband, CH 3 and SL to 1st SC made, Tie off and hide string.


Sew button on opposite end of where your CH 3 sp is from Row 3.


Have Fun! You can do so many things with this one.


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