Clover Bookmark

Clover Bookmark
Tatting Pattern - Clover Bookmark
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Step 1: Getting Started

This tatting bookmark is easy to make and a great project to start tatting with!  Tatting is a fun hobby very similar to crochet with some small differences.  Visit our tatting pages if you would like more information about tatting projects or tatting instructions page.  Friends and family will love receiving such a gift and your tatted bookmark can become a keepsake that lasts forever.

Difficulty: Intermediate

Materials: Size 30 Thread of any color you choose, Two shuttles, Small Crochet hook,  and Ribbon(optional)


R = Ring

CH = Chain

CL = Close Ring

RW = Reverse Work

P = Picot

+ = attach

-- =Small Picot

# = number of ds



Step 2: Pattern Instructions


                R1:14 - 2 cl.

                R2:2 + (to prev P) 8 - 8 - 2 cl.

                R3:2 + (to prev P) 14 cl.





                *Clover RW.

                CH: 10 - 10 RW.

                Rep from * 7 times.


                Clover RW.

                CH: 10 +(to 9 in 3rd CH row before)10 RW.

Bookmark End


                *Clover RW.

                CH 10 +(to next p in CH row) 10 RW.

                Rep from * 4 times.

Bookmark Body


                *Clover RW.

                CH: 10 - 10 RW.

                Rep from * 1 more time.

Tie to beginning.


Time to Stiffen!

Take your new bookmark and stiffen with Fabric stiffener.

Shape the bookmark to how you want it to look.

Let the bookmark dry for a few hours or Grab your blow dryer and dry it that way.

*Optional: weave a ribbon through the middle of the bookmark and glue down with hot glue gun.



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