Coffee Filter Angel

Coffee Filter Angel
Coffee Filter Angel
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This cute angel craft is perfect for little ones. There are no small features to worry about, just a pretty and simple design that will bring smiles to little faces.

What you need

2 basket type coffee filters
1 medium white pom-pom
3" piece gold chenille stem
scrap of colored paper
white glue

What you do

Fold one of the coffee filters in half, then in half again to form the bodice. Flatten out the creases and glue the pom pom to the point.

Fold the other coffee filter in half, and with the rounded side at the top, glue to the back of the bodice for the wings.

Twist the top section of the gold chenille into a circle and twist end to secure. Straighten out the remaining chenille and glue in between the pom pom and the wings.

Let everything dry.


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