Country Elegance Holiday Wreath

Country Elegance Holiday Wreath
Country Elegance Holiday Wreath
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The holidays are just around the corner and you aren't looking forward to fighting the crowds at the mall for just a few decorations. Then dig out your fabric scraps and a grapevine wreath and you are on your way to country elegance.

You will need:

grapevine wreath
24" long lace remnant
3" x 3" fabric squares in green & burgundy plaid, white lace, and burgundy velour
pen with cap or screwdriver
hot glue gun

Note: fabric squares can be in any color combination you choose.

What you do

When choosing your fabric colors, remember that solids and plaids contrast quite nicely. Try to find a plaid or floral pattern with at least one dark color in it, contrast with a deep colored solid. See Figure 1. The lace addition brings elegance to your country look. You may also cut the fabric squares with pinking shears if you choose.


Turn grapevine wreath face down on work surface. Using hot glue gun, glue lace remnant in place around the center of the wreath. When you turn the wreath you should see the lace around the center edge. Glue any spots that are sticking up or falling back. See Figure 2

With wreath face up, begin inserting fabric squares into wreath by putting pen into the center of the square and pressing down into the nooks and crannies. See Figure 3. Insert solids first, leaving enough room between each square to allow for the other patterns.


When you have completed the circle, begin inserting the plaid or floral squares, then follow with the lace squares. Fill any gaps with remaining squares, alternating where needed.

Note: If you will be giving this wreath as a gift, you may want to secure the squares with glue.

As an optional finishing touch, add a small glittery holiday silk stem with cranberries or other small fruit to the wreath. Glue in place just off center.


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