Crackled Ghost Pin

Crackled Ghost Pin
Crackled Ghost Pin
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There's no special crackle medium needed for this simple project. Just some school glue, a little paint and a marker! These cute little crackled ghosts are fun pins to wear on Halloween.

What you need

3 miniature craft sticks
White school glue
White and black craft paint
Black fine tip marker
Pin back
2 wiggle eyes

What you do

Glue the three craft sticks together side by side. Smear some glue across the top of all the craft sticks and let dry until tacky.

Paint over the top of the almost dry glue with white paint. Let the paint dry and it will start to crackle.

When the paint is dry, glue on wiggle eyes and draw on a mouth and eyebrows with the marker. Fill in mouth with black paint.

Glue pin back to the back.


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