Craft Stick Reindeer

Craft Stick Reindeer
Craft Stick Reindeer
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Make these easy reindeer ornaments with your kids to give as gifts this Christmas.

What You Need

wooden craft sticks
magic markers
small pom-poms
white and black paint (or googly eyes)
glitter (optional).

What You Do

Color three craft sticks with brown magic markers.

Place the sticks in a triangle-like pattern, allowing the sticks to overlap at the top, as shown in the illustration.

Glue the sticks in place.

When the glue is dry, add a fuzzy pom-pom for a nose and some white and black paint for some eyes. (Instead of painting the eyes, you might wish to glue googly eyes onto the sticks instead.)

Finally, tie some string to the top stick and hang your reindeer decoration from the tree.

Make two, three or more and create a herd of critters for your holiday tree.

Illustrated by: Geoff Slater


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