Miniature Trees

Miniature Trees
Christmas Crafts - Miniature Trees
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Materials needed:

1.         Ice cream sticks- 3 for each tree

2.         Cardboard – a few small pieces.

3.         Thread

4.         Paint – green and brown

5.         Sesser

6.         Few sequences of various colors and shapes. The variety in this will make the craft look more interesting and vibrant.

7.         Glue.

8.         New papers.


Craft Procedure:

Christmas is a time for family fun activities. The ambiance created by the tree, and the joy that goes behind its creation is the essence of Christmas. In today’s busy life parents find in hard to squeeze in time for joyous events like these. It is essential for children to be a part of such traditions which not only knits the family closer but also instills in them values for a life time. Small handmade decorations will make the tree more special and the event more joyous. Today lets us include our little preschoolers and together make a small little Christmas trees which soak up the feel of Christmas. All we need is a little time and a few ingredients from around the house.

Step 1: after collecting the different ingredients, create a small work surface by laying out a few newspapers or an old towel as kids can be messy.

Step 2: take the three ice crème sticks. Apply glue on end and stick it on to another ice crème stick at right angles.

Step 3: now take another ice crème stick and apply glue to both ends and complete the triangle’s base.

Step 4: now let the sticks dry. Meanwhile let us cut a small square from the card board which will form the trunk. Paint one surface brown, let it dry and then paint the other surface too.

Step 5: once the ice crème sticks are dry and stuck together, take the green paint and paint one surface. Let it dry and then paint the other surface also. Once the entire triangle is dry and green we can move to the next step.

Step 6: it is now time to give the tree its shape. Take the brown trunk which is ready and apply glue to one end. Now stick the trunk on to the base of the triangle and we now have the skeleton of the tree ready.

Step 7: it is now the time to get creative. Use the colorful sequences to decorate the tree. Paste them on with glue and make sure you let them dry. (This is an area where you could use your creativity to the maximum; u can use glitters, color papers, small cotton snowflakes or anything else which satisfies your imagination)

Step 8: use the tread, loop it around in order to make a tag. This tag will help us hang the tree where ever wanted.

This could now be used to decorate the big tree, or many of them hung together over the chimney. It could even be used as a temporary photo frame. This simple easy craft could make your Christmas and little one feel very special.