Bag of Squares

Bag of Squares
Crochet Bag of Squares
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Materials: Lion brand- Wool-ease; one skein each of: Fisherman, Royal blue, Loden.

Darning needle and 4 buttons of choice are also required.

Hook Size: k-10.5



CH = Chain

SL = Slip Stitch

SC = Single Crochet

FPdtr = Front Post Double Treble Crochet

FPqtr = Front Post Quintuple Treble Crochet

A = Fisherman

B = Loden

C = Royal Blue



This bag is made from three separate pieces that are after sewn together. Side “1” is the front of the bag. Side “2” is the back and Flap. “3” is the sides and strap. With all the right side facing each other then are pieced together and then turned inside-out for finished product, but of course don’t forget the buttons.

Side “1” or front of bag.

Base (A): CH 33, turn.

Row 1-2: SC across, CH1, turn (32 stitches).

Row 3 – 4(B): SC across, Ch1, turn.

Row 5-8 (C): SC across, Ch 1, turn.

Row 9 (B): 2 SC, *(FPdtr around SC 5 rows below) 2 times, 4 SC, (FPdtr around SC 5 rows below) 2 times, 2 SC, rep from * across, wnd with 2 SC.

Row 10: SC across, CH1, turn.

Row 11(A): 1 SC, (FPqtr 9 rows below), 8 SC, (FPqtr 9 row below) 2 times, 8 SC, (FPqtr 9 row below) 2 times, 8 SC, (FPqtr 9 rows below), SC, CH1, turn.

Row 12-21: Repeat Rows 2-11.

Row 22 (A): SC across, Ch1 turn.

Row 23-24(B): SC across, CH1, turn.

Row 25-28 (C): SC across, Ch1, turn.

Side “1” or front is done.


Side “2” or back of bag

Repeat side one rows 1-28.

Row 29-31(A): SC across, CH1, turn.

Row 32: 3 SC, CH1, sk next st, 7 SC, CH1, sk next st, 8 SC, CH1, sk next st, 7 SC, CH1 sk next st, 3 SC, Ch 1, turn.

Row 33-34: SC across, CH1, turn.


Part “3” or sides and strap.

Base (A): CH 7

Row 1: SC across, CH 1, turn.

Rep row 1 until desired length needs to be at least 53” long.


Sew with right sides facing toward each other. Place Piece “3” and attach to one inch below the right side of Part “1” or front piece.  With darning needle in any chose fashion sew the right side then bottom side, left side, finish and tie off “1” below left corner.  Take Part “2” and line up bag so the colors line up and sew in same fashion.



SC around the bags opening and strap. Sew on buttons and you have just made a very fun, easy bag.



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