Crochet Blanket Edging

Crochet Blanket Edging
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Step 1: Getting Started

If you enjoy crocheting and babies, you'll love this free crochet pattern for creating a precious pretty edge around baby receiving blankets. Our new crochet blanket edging is simple and easy, created in just three rounds. You'll be able to work this up quickly and effortlessly. Receiving blankets with a crocheted edge make the perfect baby shower gift and will surely receive plenty of oohs and ahhs.


Difficulty: Easy

Materials: Crochet Thread, appropriate sized crochet hook (1.9 - 2.25), receiving blanket



Step 2: Pattern Instructions

(Poke the crochet hook through the edge of the fabric to begin Rnd 1. I've also seen patterns where the blanket is prepped by creating the holes first with a sharp tool, before beginning the crochet pattern, to make it easier to insert the crochet hook. You may find our tutorial for Baby Blanket Shell Edging helpful as a reference for how to accomplish the first round.)


Rnd 1: *SC, CH 1, Rep from * around, SL to 1st SC made, turn.

Rnd 2: CH 6, DC in 7th SP from hook, *Sk 4 sps, In next sp (DC, ch 3, DC), rep from * around, SL to 3rd CH made, turn.



Rnd 3: In CH 3 sp ( SL , CH 3, 2 DC, CH 3, 3 DC), CH 1, *SK(DC, CH 3, DC) sps, In next CH 3 SP (3 DC, CH 3, 3 DC) CH 1, Rep from * around, SL to 1st DC made, tie off and hide String.



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