Crochet Snowflake

Crochet Snowflake
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This pretty, delicate snowflake will make a beautiful accent to your Christmas tree or any holiday decor! You will want to crochet snowflakes for your tree, as gift wrap decorations, office decorations, or maybe for an ornament gift exchange.  (They also make great gifts for the neighbors, tied to a plate of cookies or fudge!)  They are nice and easy and crochet up fast.

Difficulty: Easy

Materials: Size 10 thread, Size 1.33 mm crochet hook, fabric stiffener, piece of Styrofoam, Pins, and ribbon of your choice (optional).


SL = Slip Stitch

CH = Chain

SC = Single Crochet



Base: Ch 10, SL to 1st CH made to form ring, CH 1, turn.

Rnd 1: In Ch 10 ring: (SC, CH 15, 3 SC) 5 times, SL to 1st SC made, tie off hide string.

Rnd 2: Connect thread to a CH 15 sp in prev. row; (CH 20, SC in next CH 15 sp) 4 times, CH 15, SL to 1st SC made, CH 1, turn.

Rnd 3: In each CH 20 sp around; (*SC, CH 5 rep from * 5 times, SC, CH 8, SC in 7th CH from hook, CH 12, SC in 12th CH from hook, CH 7, SC in 7th CH from hook, CH 2, *SC in Same CH 20 SP, CH 5, Rep from * 5 times, CH 20) rep 4 more times, SL to 1 SC made, Tie off and hide string.

snowflake 1

1st: Take Fabric stiffener and stiffen the snowflake.

2nd: Place plastic wrap around your piece of Styrofoam.

3rd: Pin your snowflake to Styrofoam in the shape you desire.

4th: Let your snowflake dry or use blow dryer for faster results.

5th: (optional) make a bow out of ribbon and hot glue it to one front corner of the snowflake.

6th: (optional) take a strand of ribbon and form a loop and glue onto the back of the snowflake.

snowflake 2

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