Crochet Towel Topper

Crochet Towel Topper
Crochet Towel Topper
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MATERIALS: Blue hand towel, Blue Red Heart Yarn, Nail, Size H hook, Large Wood Button.


CH = Chain

SC = Single Crochet

DC = Double Crochet

SL = Slip Stitch


First: Fold the hand towel in half

Second: With a washable marking pencil lightly mark along the top of the hand towel every ½ inch. (Note to keep towel in place a safety pin may be used to keep hand towel in place.)

Third: Place a nail on top of each mark made and gently push the nail through the hand towel. Once through stretch the hole wide enough to fit the hook. (31 stitches)

Now you are ready to crochet the towel topper!!

Row 1: SC in first hole on very right of the hand towel, CH 1, *SC in next hole, CH 1, Rep across until SC in last hole on the hand towel. CH 2, Turn (31 stitches).

Row 2: DC across in each CH spot, CH 2, Turn (31 stitches).

Row 3: Dc in every other DC across, Ch 2, turn (16 Stitches).

Row 4: DC in first stitch and then in every other DC across.CH 2, Turn (8 Stitches).

Row 5: DC in every other DC across, CH 2, Turn (4 stitches).

Row 6: DC across, Ch2 turn (4 stitches).

Row 7-22: SC across, Ch 1, turn (4 Stitches).

Row 23: Ch 5 and attach the chain to end of the row with a SL, Ch 1, Turn.

Row 24: 10 SC in the inside of Ring. SL to finish off.

Finishing Stitch: Attach to right side of Row 1, SC up the side, top, and down the other side. This will give the Towel a clean finished look. Tie off, Hide string.

Lastly: Sew on a button to the base of the stem. Hang it up and it is ready to use.


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