DIY Frosted Jars

DIY Frosted Jars
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Frost jars and vases with our free DIY tutorial! Collect a few glass jars and vases from around the house, thrift shops or craft stores to frost for unique home decor accent pieces. These frosted jars are great for adding a hint of color to coffee tables, mantels, patio furniture or decks. Add a small votive, tea light or LED light and enjoy soft warm light perfect for spring and summer or any occasion. And the best part, frosting your jar or vase is so very easy! These frosted jars would also make pretty homemade gifts or gift containers.

Skill Level: Easy


Glass jar, vase or votive holder

Mod Podge Matte Medium or Homemade Decoupage (Tutorial here.)

Food coloring

Mixing stick or spoon

DIY Frosted Jars 


First, clean and dry your jar. The decoupage will stick to your glass surface better if it's debris free.

Pour a few table spoons of decoupage into the bottom of jar. (For my small jelly jar and votive holders I used about 2 - 3 table spoons. For my large mason jar I used about 4 table spoons.)

DIY Frosted Jars

Add a few drops of food coloring to the decoupage and mix thoroughly. Any pigment that is not mixed in well will show up in the drying process. You might like this effect so play with it a little bit if you have time and extra jars. (I used 3 - 4 drops of food coloring in each jar. I used 2 drops of blue and 1 drop of red to create the purple color in the small jelly jar.)

DIY Frosted Jars

Roll the tinted decoupage around in the jar, making sure to coat all sides and bottom, without dripping any onto your table or floor. (Or clothes, like me!)


Turn the jar upside down on a non-stick surface to dry. (I used a paper plate but you could also use wax paper or another easy-to-wash non-stick surface.)

DIY Frosted Jars

After about 2 hours, turn your jar right side up to dry the rest of the way. (I left mine out overnight to dry completely. This seemed about right. If you leave them upside down with no air getting to the inside surface your decoupage will not dry.)

Add votive candles, tea lights or flowers to your frosted jar and enjoy!


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