Dainty Doily Angels

Dainty Doily Angels
Dainty Doily Angels
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This little doily angel is just so sweet. She's quite versatile as well, just add some ribbon and she's an ornament, scatter her and a few of her friends on the table with some votives and she's a centerpiece. Add her to a plate with a name card and she's a place card for your holiday table.

What you need

Paper doilies
White glue
Paint pens
Wooden dolls heads, wooden beads, paper mache balls, or wooden doll pins
Pipe cleaners


What you do

1) Start with 2 doilies (1 is okay, but they're more stable with 2.) Cut into the middle.
2) Wrap around into a cone.
3) Cut the extra doily piece out from inside the cone
4) This extra piece will become her wings
5) Cut the top of the cone off - start with a little snip, you can always make it bigger later (aim for a hole SMALLER than the one pictured.)
6) Fold the extra doily piece to make her wings
7) Put glue down the middle of the wings and attach to the seam in the cone
8) Add glitter if desired (crummy picture, sorry!)
9) Attach head by putting pipe cleaners through the hole. Add a bit of glue to the bottom of her head if desired.

Angel Heads
The directions that follow are if you're using beads or paper mache balls.

1) Cut a piece of pipe cleaner about 6 inches long. Fold it in half.
2) Put the folded end into the hole of the bead or ball


3) Now you have something to hold on to while you paint (now you can see why clothes pins would be so much easier.) Paint the face. I used matte paint pens. These were great for the hair, but too time consuming for the face. I recommend using acrylic paint and a paint brush. I used a fine sharpie for the eyes and mouth. I used a pink crayon for the cheeks.


4) After the face dries you can glue on the halo (or wait and do it last.) I cut up a sliver branch ornament that I found as I couldn't locate silver pipe cleaners. I used Elmer's glue, but would have used my glue gun if I had it.



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