Magnetic Display Board

Magnetic Display Board
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This is a great way to display kids drawings, school work, or any reminders you may need!

Difficulty: Easy


Craft board- this one is 32"

3 1/2"x 32" metal board


Craft Paint

Paint brush


For this craft board I was fortunate enough to find a board in a clearance section of a Home decor store that was already painted and ready to hang so I just hot glued a metal sheet to it and added ribbon to the back but if yours is not painted yet paint and let dry- when you glue your metal sheet to the front make sure to use another permanent glue with the hot glue gun so that is stay on when you hang it. Tie ribbon on back and you are done!


About The Author

Jenny Newman is a devoted wife and mother who enjoys creating new projects, patterns, and activities and crafting meaningful home-made treasures.  Her signature crafting style is simple, affordable and fun!  We hope you enjoy Jenny's crafts and patterns as much as we do.