Doily Flowers

Doily Flowers
Doily Flowers
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Step 1: Getting Started


These pretty little flowers are made from dainty paper doilies and colored card stock. I used a solid pink card stock, but these would be equally lovely if you used a pattern paper instead.

You will need (for one flower)

  • Card stock
  • 3 paper doilies
  • Green chenille stem
  • White craft glue
  • Scissors
  • Tape

What you do

Hold the paper doily in one hand and put your finger from your other hand in the center of the doily. Wrap the doily up around your finger, remove your finger and scrunch the end together.Do this for three doilies.


Cut a circle about the same size as your paper doilies from card stock. Cut a slit from one end of the circle into the center.


Roll the card stock into a cone, overlapping the edges and taping in place.


Step 2: Instructions


Insert chenille stem into the center of the cone, loop the end to keep it from falling out.


Put a generous amount of white glue into the cone.


Place all three scrunched doilies into the cone and set aside to dry.





About The Author

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