Easiest Halloween Luminaries

Easiest Halloween Luminaries
Halloween Craft Ideas - Easiest Halloween Luminaries
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This is the simplest luminary craft you can make. Perfect for little ones, only a few supplies are needed. Great group project, perfect for a party activity!

You will need

1 sheet white and/or orange construction paper
Black marker
Glass jar
Candle, tea light or battery operated (LED) tea light

What you do

Lay the construction paper in front of you in landscape format. Use the black marker to draw a ghosts eyes and mouth on white paper and/or a Jack O'Lantern face on orange paper.

Roll the paper into a tube and close with tape.

Put a votive candle, tea light or led tea light into a glass jar. Grown ups should be the ones to light the candle.

Fit the paper tube over the top of the jar.

TIP: Use a jar that is about 1/2" (or more) smaller than your paper tube. We used half pint jelly jars and they worked great.



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