Easy Homemade Christmas Cards

Easy Homemade Christmas Cards
Easy Homemade Christmas Cards
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Looking for a pretty but inexpensive way to create some holiday cards that everyone will love? Even the kids can help you make these, they are that easy, and what wonderful results!

You will need

Cards: Packs of 50 cards and envelopes can be purchased in stores (about $10 per pack). They have a flat surface. You can also purchase Watercolor Cards or Creative Cards, which have a heavier feel and more expensive look.

Paper: Scrap book paper, handmade paper, newspaper, tissue paper - whatever type of paper suits your style. I had some Christmas paper but I also used blue patterned paper and some other paper from paper packs in winter/Christmas colors....decide what fits your style.

Trim: Ribbon, crystals, trimming, craft paper (optional depending on design)

Cutters: I used a Portable Paper Trimmer, pinking shears, and regular scissors.

Paper Tearing Tool (optional): One of my favorite scrapbook tools ever. I used if for making tags too (tutorial on that one coming up next week!)

Adhesive: The type of adhesive will depend on the paper and trim you select. I used glue dots and photo adhesive. Glue will work too, and maybe necessary or easier for certain designs such as the trunk and if you are using small fabric trims (see green tree below).

What you do

Cut lengths of ribbon: I used four lengths, 4.5", 3.5", 2.5", and 1.5". You may need to snip off a little here and there to adjust for placement and the size of your card. (The ribbon or paper doesn't necessarily stay these measurements once you trim it up)


Rip/Cut: Rip the paper into long lengths using the paper ripper or trimmer (depending on if you want a clean edge or a ripped edge). Make strips approximately 1/2" wide (it will be larger in areas and smaller in other areas - if you use the ripper). The paper strips can also have a straight clean edge - just cut the paper into 1/2" strips. Cut them into lengths of 4.5:, 3.5", 2.5", and 1.5".


Decide if you want the edges of your tree to be a straight cut or a pinking shear cut and if you want them angled (if so, cut from the bottom of the ribbon/paper up and in about 1/2"). You can lay the pieces out on a flat surface to do this. I find it easier to affix the paper strips to the card (with adhesive just in the middle), place the trunk and then using a ruler draw a light pencil line. The I cut. After cutting, apply more adhesive.


Decide what you want to use as a trunk. 1/4" ribbon - grosgrain or satin - works well, just trim each end off at an angle. Rick rack can be a trunk. You can also use a brown scrapbook paper cut into a thin 1/8-1/4" strip and then cut to the correct length. A paper bag will also work as the trunk. My original idea used brown thread and I actually stitched the paper and ribbon to the card with a sewing machine.

Place your paper strips on the card and when you are happy with the placement begin glueing from the bottom up. Lay trunk into position and glue down.


For some cards I used a star stamp and for some I used crystals, and honestly, the trees look great without a topper too.


About The Author

Holly Lefevre blogs about fun, crafty projects at 504 Main. This project used with permission.