Easy Snowman Ornament

Easy Snowman Ornament
Easy Snowman Ornament
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This simple snowman ornament uses the flat round lid from a canning jar and a few simple supplies.  A juice can lid is great substitute for the canning jar lid if you don't have any. Simple, fun and super cute!

You will need

  • Canning jar lid
  • 1 nail
  • Hammer
  • Liquitex Basics Gesso (or similar primer)
  • Paintbrushes: medium, liner and scruffy
  • Acrylic paint: white, orange, pink, black
  • 2 medium pom poms
  • 4" yarn to match pom poms
  • Scissors
  • instant grab glue
  • Thin wire or fishing line
  • Waxed paper

What you do

Use hammer and nail to poke a hole near the top of the canning jar lid. This will be where you string your hanger through.


Use the medium paintbrush to paint lid with Gesso. Gesso is a medium similar to primer that will keep your paint from peeling off the lid surface.


Use the medium paintbrush to paint the lid with white paint and let dry. Meanwhile, practice painting a carrot nose on some scrap paper. Load the liner brush with orange paint then place point lightly on paper, begin dragging back and lowering brush as you go to make the wide end of the carrot. When ready, paint your nose onto the lid, keeping in mind that the hole you poked is the top of the ornament.


Dip the handle end of the medium paintbrush into black paint. Dot on the two eyes and the mouth.


Dip the scruffy paintbrush into pink paint. Dab off all of the excess, almost to the point where the brush is dry.


Use scruffy brush to dab on rosy cheeks.


Use scissors to carefully trim one side of each of the pom poms. This will make one side flat, making them easier to glue in place.


Place snowman head on a piece of waxed paper. Position yarn across the top of the snowman's head to create the earmuff band. Trim and glue in place.


Glue the pom poms to the ends of the yarn. Set aside to dry then remove from waxed paper. Insert wire or fishing line and bend and twist or tie to create the hanger.


About The Author

This project created for Craftown.com by Amanda Formaro. Copyright Moab Group LLC and Craftown.com