Fabric Dyed Easter Eggs

Fabric Dyed Easter Eggs
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Get those unused silk ties out of the closet - its time to dye some eggs for Easter! Who would have thought you could use fabric to dye your eggs and that they would turn out so fabulous?  (Thank you dads - for all those ties!)

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Difficulty: Easy


Silk Tie or Fabric






Speaking from experience, you need 100% silk fabric for this to work right-  so check the labels to make sure you’re not buying or using polyester, which usually looks similar. You can also find old ties at the thrift store for pretty cheap if you don't have any on hand. You could also use silk from an old shirt or whatever silk fabric you have on hand.  I try to find an assortment of colors and patterns and have found that some of the ugliest ties make really cute eggs! Usually dark blues and reds work best, but it’s fun to experiment with all kinds of things. 

The first step is to deconstruct the tie. Start by cutting the seams and removing the lining so you are just left with the silk. 

Next you cut a piece large enough to cover an egg. Wrap the egg with the right side of the fabric making contact with the egg. The right side is the printed side, or the side that would be on the outside of the tie.  You will want to try to wrap the fabric as tight as you can-the more direct contact the silk has with the egg shell the clearer the imprint of the pattern. 

Once wrapped, tie with a piece of string or a twisty tie- I used Pipe cleaners because its all I had on hand.

If you tie them the way I did in the picture above, the opposite end of the tied part will have the best pattern. So if you are going to be sitting the eggs upright in an egg cup, you will want to tie at the bottom of the egg when wrap them.Put all those little guys in a pot and cover them with water. Add 1/4 C vinegar and bring it to a boil. After about 20 minutes you can remove the eggs and set them in a colander or on a towel to dry and cool. Once they’re cool enough to handle you can remove the fabric and enjoy your beautiful Easter eggs!


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