Felt Heart Gloves

Felt Heart Gloves
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Create felt heart gloves with this free tutorial! I needed a simple, quick Valentine’s Day gift for each of my sons’ teachers. I remember I had some those stretchy gloves with the tags still on them that I had picked up at Walmart for stocking stuffers and never used. Perfect!

Now what could I use to add a bit of Valentine’s theme to them? Felt! I love the results and hope the teachers do too. Your hands will love wearing these cute embellished gloves. And they are so easy to make!

Size: Teen/Adult

Skill Level: Easy

1 pair of stretchy gloves (I bought mine at Walmart for $1.50 but I’ve also seen them at the dollar store.)
Embroidery Thread
Embroidery or Tapestry Needle
Scissors, pins

*Note: I used a plastic template I had on hand to draw my heart shape, but you could freehand a heart or even download a heart shape from online.

Felt Heart Gloves


Felt Heart Gloves

Draw two hearts on to your felt, and then cut them out.

Felt Heart Gloves

Arrange each one on to a glove and pin in place. I wanted mine to line up so that when the two gloves come together the halves that show form a heart too. But you could place your hearts anywhere you prefer, such as on the front of the gloves or the palms.

Felt Heart Gloves

Using a simple whip stitch, hand-sew the hearts to the gloves. I chose contrasting colors of felt and thread because I wanted my stitches to stand out. I started at the point of the heart, worked my way around and finished back at the point.

To finish off, I pulled both tails through to the inside of the glove, tied a knot and fed the tails between the felt and the glove to hide them.

Easy-peasy. Now go enjoy those adorable warm gloves!


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