Felt Soft Penguin

Felt Soft Penguin
Christmas Craft Ideas - Felt Soft Penguin
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Materials needed:


  1. Black , yellow and white felt
  2. Black thread and needle
  3. Fabric glue
  4. Cotton/fur/toy stuffing
  5. Satin ribbon for decoration
  6. wiggling doll eyes(2)


Craft procedure:

Penguin is one bird which is the favorite of all kids. So here we go to learn how to make a cute, lovely, black penguin. This cute soft homemade doll can be hung on the Christmas tree to add beauty to it. Kids are surely going to enjoy learning this piece of craft.


Step 1: The body of the penguin is cut from the black felt. The shape is illustrated. Two pieces of similar shape are cut. They form the front and back side of the body.



Step 2: The feet of the penguin is cut from the yellow felt. The shape of the feet is illustrated.




Step 3:

Two circles of varying radius are cut from yellow and white felt. This forms the tummy of the penguin.




Step 4:

A small triangle is cut from yellow felt.



Step 5: The body of the penguin which is cut from black felt in step 1 is stitched together. Running stitch is preferable.

Step 6: The feet is placed in between the body of the penguin and sewed. Small portion of the body is left unstitched initially.

Step 7:Toy stuffing material is stuffed in between the gap till the body of the penguin bulges and reaches a reasonable size .Don’t over stuff the body with the material because Penguin’ s normally have flat and lean body.

Step 8: Sew the remaining portion of the body which is left unstitched after stuffing the material.

Step 9: The wiggle eyes are glued.

Step 10: The triangle which is cut in step 4 is stuck up side down which forms the beak of the penguin.

Step 11: The two circles which were cut earlier are glued in the middle of the body. Initially the bigger circle is glued using the fabric glue. Allow it to dry. Then the lower diameter circle is stuck above it. This appears to be the belly of the penguin.

Step 12: Cute lovely penguin is ready. If we wish to hang the penguin in our Christmas tree, it can be done using the satin ribbon. The ribbon is slipped into the body of the penguin right at the top. This way the penguin can be hung in the tree.