Patriotic Blocks Craft

Patriotic Blocks Craft
Patriotic Blocks Craft - Wood Craft
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This is a fun craft for 4th of July made with those little scraps of 2x4s you have left over!


2x4 lumber, cut into these pieces: 2-7 inch blocks, and 4-3.5 inch blocks

craft paint and foam brush




1. Cut your blocks or have your measurements ready and Home Depot will cut the 2x4 for your- it will usually come in 8 foot lengths, so one piece of wood will make 3 block sets. 

2. Set out your blocks, so you know which of the two sides you want to paint

I decided to use an extra 3.5 block to go right behind the star piece. This gave it more stability, helped the star piece sit a little more forward, and made it easier to tie on the ribbon.

3. Paint just the front skinny sides of the wood--one long cream, one long red, one short cream, and one short red. Out of the two remaining 3.5 blocks, you leave one bare, and paint the bigger side of the second one navy blue. Once they've dried, sand it well--making sure to get the corners, and fading the paint so it looks really weathered. Wipe off the dust, then apply the stain--Minwax Dark Walnut.