Flower Power Pencil Holder

Flower Power Pencil Holder
Flower Power Pencil Holder
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Make this cute and cheerful can for that special little girl in your life. This darling little can is perfect for pens, markers, or anything else her heart desires.

What you need

empty vegetable can, washed and dried
rubbing alcohol or white vinegar
colorful shoe lace or ribbon
2 smiley flower buttons
acrylic paint in bright yellow and orange
white craft glue (Tacky glue)
stylus or toothpick
Gloss acrylic spray sealer

What you do

First, be certain that there are no sharp edges on the inside lip of the can. If there are, file them down with sandpaper before beginning this project.

Wipe the outside of the vegetable can down with alcohol or vinegar. This will help remove any excess oils and will help the paint stay on better. Allow the can to air dry.

Paint the outside of the can completely with bright yellow paint, you may need two coats. If using a shoe lace, cut the tips of the shoelace off, measure the lace around the can, and cut to fit. Cut the remaining section in two.

Taking the measured piece, glue the shoelace to the rim of the can, overlapping the top of the lid slightly, keeping the seam in the back. Glue the remaining two pieces around the can as shown in the photo, overlapping themselves in the front of the can. Glue a smiley flower button to the center of each of these two pieces.

Use a stylus or toothpick to make orange dots around the can at the bottom rim and just about an inch below the top of the can. Finish with two coats of gloss acrylic spray sealer, allowing the first coat to dry before applying the second.


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