Fluffy Striped Baby Blanket

Fluffy Striped Baby Blanket
Crochet - Fluffy Striped Blanket
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Such a fun blanket! It is a heavier blanket and is great for the fall and winter times of year. Since this blanket is thicker it makes for a great mat for the baby to lie on. Simple and easy yet is looks fabulous.

Materials: Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn colors: baby Yellow (03615) and baby blue (03202), and of course a crochet hook size: N (9.00 mm).


CH = Chain

SL = Slip Stitch

SC = Single Crochet

SC3tog = Single Crochet 3 Together



Base: Baby Blue: Ch 110.

Row 1: 10 SC, *3 SC in next, 9 SC, SC3tog, 9 SC, Rep from * across to last sp, SC, ch 1, turn.

Row 2: SC2tog, 9 SC, *3 SC in next sp, 8 SC, SC4tog, 9 SC, Rep from * across to last 2 sps, 1 SC, Sk last sp, Ch 1, turn.

Row 3: SC2tog, 9 SC, *3SC in next sp, 8 SC, SC3tog, 9SC, Rep from * across to last 2 sps, 1 SC, Sk last sp, CC to yellow, CH 1, turn.

Continue to repeat Row three and change colors every fourth row. Rep until desired length is acquired.

This blanket will require about 8 -10 skeins of yarn.


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