Frankenstein Heads

Frankenstein Heads
Halloween Crafts For Kids - Frankenstein Heads
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Halloween kid crafts are fun for the holidays. This one is a lot of fun, the kids will love it!

Materials: Fruit by the Foot box, 2 black foam sheets, one purple foam sheet or construction paper, Green and White acrylic paint, Black Permanent Marker, 1%u201D thick orange ribbon, and glue gun.

Step 1: Take a %u201CFruit by the foot box%u201D (six pieces) and paint it green. It will take about 3 applications of paint.

Step 2: While paint is drying make a print out a diagram of the hair, feet, and bowtie.

Step 3: Cut out the diagram and trace hair and boot pieces onto black foam sheets. Trace the bowtie onto purple foam or construction paper, and cut out.

Step 4: After box has completely dried glue hair onto the top of the box.

Step 5: Take 15%u201D of orange ribbon and glue around the bottom of the box overlapping the ribbon in back.

Step 6: Glue purple bowtie onto the middle of the orange ribbon.

Step 7: Print out diagram of Frankenstein%u2019s face. With pencil lightly draw or trace face onto the box.

Step 8: Paint eyes white and let dry.

Step 9: Trace over the pencil with black permanent marker, Trace around eyes and give the eyes pupils.

Step 10: Enjoy!!


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