From Head To Toe Hat

From Head To Toe Hat
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Knit a Head To Toe Hat with our newest free knitting pattern by Designer Melanie Smith! This hat is just the first in a month long series of four patterns, which you won't want to miss! Follow and knit all four pieces and you'll have the ultimate winter accessory package.

*Pattern Note: All four pieces of the head to toe series uses Lion Brand Heartland in the colors 109 Olympic and 174 Joshua tree.

Skill level: Intermediate

Materials:  100 yards of (green) Joshua tree and 100 of (blue) Olympic
Size 9  16 inch circular needle
Yarn needle
Stitch marker

Gauge: 4 stitches to the inch

With green cast on 80
Being careful not to twist , join in the round and place a marker to show start of round.
Round 1 -4: K in each stitch around slipping the marker as you come to it.
Round 5: K3, (K 1,winding yarn twice around needle, K 3) repeat to last stitch K 1,winding yarn twice around needle.
Round 6: With blue, K3, ( slip 1 purlwise dropping  extra loop, K 3) repeat around to last st, slip 1 purlwise dropping extra loop.
Round 7:  K3, ( slip 1 purlwise, K 3) repeat around to lst st, slip 1 purlwise.
Round 8:  P 3, (K 1,P3) repeat around to last st, K1.
Round 9:  repeat round 5.
Rounds 10-12: With green repeat round 6 – 8.
Round 13: K 1,(K1 winding the yarn twice around the needle, K 3) repeat round to last 3 st, K 1 winding the yarn twice around the needle, K 2.
Round 14:  with blue,K 1, (Slip purlwise dropping extra  loop, K 3) repeat around to last3 sts, slip  1 purlwise, K 2.
Round 15: K 1, ( slip 1 purlwise, K 3) repeat around to last 3 sts, Slip 1 purlwise, K2.
Round 16: P 1, (K1, P 3) repeat around to last 3 sts,K1, P 2.
Round 17: repeat round 13.
Rounds 18-20: With green repeat rounds 14-16.
Repeat rounds 5 -20 until hat measures 6 ½ inches from cast on.
Ending with either round 5 or 13, and green yarn, cut blue yarn.

Round  1: K in each st around.
Round 2-3: P in each st around, slipping marker as you come to it.
Round 4: (K 8, K2tog) repeat around.(72)
Round 5: K in each st around.
Round 6: (K 7, K2tog) repeat around.(64)
Round 7: repeat round 5.
Round 8: (K6,K2tog) repeat around. (56)
Round 9: repeat round 5.
Round 10: (K5, K2tog) repeat around. (48)
Round 11: repeat round 5.
Round 12: ( K4, K2tog) repeat around. (40)
Round 13: Repeat round 5.
Round 14: (K3,Ktog) repeat around (32)
Round 15: (K2, Ktog) repeat around. (24)
Round 16: (K1,Ktog) repeat around. (16)
Round 17: (K2tog) repeat around (8)

Finishing it all up:
Cut yarn and weave through remaining stitches and secure. Weave in all ends.


About The Author

Melanie has more than 25 years experience as a Hands-on fiber artist and fiber arts teacher specializing in crochet, knitting, spinning, weaving and tatting. She has taught classes through various yarn stores, Community Education Programs, fiber fairs; as well as in 4-H programs around Idaho. She has been designing her own unique projects and patterns for numerous year and she has spent several years as a pattern tester for many yarn and design companies. You can usually find her working on something or planning her next project.